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Our company would like to find a partner for strategic business development in equal shares

Дата:03.10.2016 14:10:42Категория: Продам
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Analyzing the development of production of oil crops in the territory of the Sumy region and the lack of such capacity for processing we see great perspective in the realization of this project.
The purchase of sunflower oil, rapeseed, soybean, seed necessary for manufacture will be done during a year with an emphasis on the autumn-winter period (the period of low prices). The storage and processing of acquired seed will be on the elevators of the organizations of contractors. The finished goods will be stored on our own warehouses.
The sales of produced products will be carried out on the domestic and foreign markets in bulk. Exempt husks of sunflower seeds in the collapse can be pelletized for processing into fuel pallets.
The territory of the construction of the plant is equipped with a railway siding and all the necessary communications for the industrial enterprise.
Our company would like to find a partner for strategic business development in equal shares (50 % to 50 %). There’s an opportunity of the development of new business in the agro – industrial sector on the territory of the enterprise.

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