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Induction foundry and heating equipment

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Original technical solutions and modern elemental base let the company "Termolit" Ltd to produce serially induction coreless melting furnaces of ICMEF type of different power and capacity from 10kg to 3000kg, which are intended for melting and overheating cast iron, steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals. Furnaces of ICMEF type have a higher technical parameters in comparison with analogues such as ISC type. "Termolit" Ltd uses the new ecological clean and quality materials, without usage of asbestos, modern advanced manufacturing sciences, reliable thyristor frequency converters of new generation with automatic frequency trim during melting process, high-quality components parts: Indian and German components. Also we produce spare parts and accessories for induction melting electric: inductors any modification, water-cooled cables, bus-bars, control panels and much more. We also offer options for the production of variants of the furnace cooling system: cooling towers, pumping stations, heat exchangers cabinets.
"Termolit" Ltd is interested in constant cooperation with its customers and offers the most optimal solution for the purchase of necessary products, competitive both from an economic and qualitative sides.

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